A Luta Continua.” The struggle continues.

We hear the phrase all the time. Among our community of Black activists, it’s a rallying call, a way to close protests, speeches, emails, and social media posts.

We rarely hear what used to be the second part of that call though: “A vitória é certa,” victory is certain. Over the years, we have come to focus more on the continuation of the struggle, and less on our ultimate victory. It’s like the refrain “we’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.”

Think about these slogans for a minute. By de-emphasizing our eventual victory, we are suggesting that our struggle will be perpetual. As a Black mother, I refuse to believe that this battle should just keep going on and on. I hope you’ll refuse to believe it too.

At Community Healing Network, we believe that we owe it to our children to do something both simple and audacious: set deadlines for achieving our goals. We as people of African ancestry are in a struggle for fundamental human rights. Why should we talk as though we’ll never win?

From the moment we launched CHN in 2006, we set 2019 as the year by which we would engage a critical mass of Black people in the journey toward emotional emancipation so that by 2020 we as a people will begin to see ourselves in a whole new light.


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