A new report from Eviction Lab explores who is experiencing housing insecurity in the United States.

Nearly one million American households received eviction notices in 2016, according to newly released data from a team of Princeton University researchers at Eviction Lab.

On Saturday (April 7), The New York Times reported on the research, which examines 83 million eviction records that demonstrate widespread housing insecurity in both urban and rural locales around the country. The article spotlights Richmond, Virginia—the city with the second highest eviction rate in the nation—where eviction judgments are far more common in areas where people of color live than they are in predominantly White neighborhoods.

Sociologist Matthew Desmond led a team of researchers to capture millions of court records dating back to 2000. They found 900,000 court-ordered eviction judgments for 2016. “That equates to about an estimated 2.3 million people evicted in that year, many of them children,” Desmond said in an interview with Marketplace. “That’s about 6,300 people a day that are evicted.”

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