Analysis: The aftermath when a police shooting victim is a white woman analyzes reactions throughout society and among the media in relation to a police shooting victim’s race. Here is an excerpt of a report by German Lopez: The reaction to a police shooting sure looks different when the victim is a white woman. There’s a typical story that plays out in the aftermath of police…

VIDEO: The murder of Malcolm X

Footage shared on The Final Call’s channel on Youtube: Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke on events leading up to and after the Murder of Malcolm X. The address took place at Malcolm X College in Chicago, IL on February 21, 1990.

Faith and Beyond: Tom Ficklin and Rev. Brian Bellamy

In this edition of “The Tom Ficklin Show” host Tom Ficklin talks with Rev. Brian Bellamy, Senior Pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Hamden about the church’s “Power of Influence” series and much more.  Listen in:

Tom Ficklin Show: New Haven’s Re-entry Initiative

Tom Ficklin talks with Clifton E. Graves Jr. and Chance Bentley Jackson about New Haven’s Project Fresh Start re-entry program, which connects ex-offenders with resources that help them make successful returns to their families and community. Click the red arrow to listen in:

Report: 9-year-old girl’s efforts to end bullying go viral

Nasir Andrews is only 9 years old but she’s pleading for someone to help stop the racial bullying she’s experiencing in her fourth-grade classroom. She is not suffering silently. “I don’t feel like anybody is helping or cares,” Nasir posted in a heartrending video on Facebook. “I want kids and adults to know my story….

NAN event: Ministers’ March for Justice

The National Action Network (NAN) along  with 1,000 ministers of all denominations will convene in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Aug. 28, 2017 (8 a.m. – 1p.m.) “to reaffirm their commitment to the social justice movement and stand in solidarity with the spirit and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” according to the Facebook post…

New book says charter school movement has gone awry

Has the charter school movement gone awry? A new book says yes, and it’s causing a stir Originally posted on Chalkbeat by Matt Barnum on July 5, 2017 What’s the point of a charter school? Is acting as another option for families enough, or should it have to post higher test scores than other schools,…

The Tom Ficklin Show: Justice in Education

Host Tom Ficklin has an in depth talk about education inequality with Guest Robert Goodrich one of the co-founders of (Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education). They discuss the problems with the education system, and how to achieve justice in education on the airwaves of WNNH.